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Wedding packages start at $100, for travel information on honeymoon, destination wedding, or family members with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) visit us at Moongate Global Travel or contact me directly.

Destination Weddings
The planning process for a destination wedding is very different from a traditional wedding. Most likely you won't be able to visit the actual wedding location, taste the food, have a cake tasting, or get to know the minister who will marry you before you arrive. Not to worry though. This is why we stress the importance of consulting with a Destination Wedding Specialist, who will help with all of these details.
Full Planning
Plan and coordinate all details of your wedding; which also includes consultation service, planning & preparation service, day-of-services, Supervision & Organization out of town guest accommodations
Consultation, finding vendors and services for the event
Day of Coordination
Applies to any events -weddings, party activities, or ceremonies clients would like us to oversee on the day

The wedding is over and now you are ready to embark on a romantic, relaxing honeymoon. But before you step on the plane, did you book the trip that will deliver the experience you really want?

Let us help you start planning your perfect honeymoon today!

Sit down with us we offer a variety of services to choose from in order to cater to all your details and goals of your specific event. 
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